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Materiality matrix: visualize ESG theme relevance

Create a materiality matrix with ease and see at a glance what sustainability means for your organization. 

Materiality Matrix to visualize ESG topic relevance for CSRD - Ecocharting

Simple and effective: The materiality matrix is the visualization of choice to use in communicating about sustainability.

Creating a materiality matrix can be a complicated process. Save time by using Ecocharting.

We provide the themes and questions that are relevant to your type of organization, so you can start collecting the right data right away. 

The visualisation

Start right away

We have formulated the right questions based on years of experience and the most up-to-date guidelines, so you don’t have to.

All themes and topics that are relevant to your organization are present in our system. We already set up the different questionnaires for you in your personal business environment.

By answering the questions, you identify which issues are relevant to your company and stakeholders. You can get started right away.

CSRD Software bepaalt ESG dubbele materialiteit voor duurzaamheidsrapportage - Ecocharting
How does it work?

Use our interactive and smart assessment to develop the materiality matrix.

Double materiality

The assessment is based on the principle of double materiality, a concept which is central in the CSRD regulations. Ecocharting has fully integrated this concept in the solution.  

Interactive materiality matrix

The result is an interactive materiality matrix which can be exported if desired. In this way you can see at a glance what sustainability is about for your organisation.

Easy to use

Collecting information and creating insights about ESG topics can be done in one spot in Ecocharting. The collected results from users are instantly visualized in a clear materiality matrix. Use the graph for own reports or share it with colleagues.   

CSRD Proof

Ecocharting is based on international guidelines in the field of sustainability. Our software is developed around the new EU regulations about sustainability reporting, the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD).

Collaborate safely

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