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Ecocharting CSRD Academy - a free e-learning

Ecocharting’s CSRD Academy helps you navigate the complex world of CSRD.
Although the reporting standards consist of hundreds of pages, many find interpreting the regulations difficult and the language used unclear. That’s why we developed a free e-learning for our users: Ecocharting’s CSRD Academy. 

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Ecocharting CSRD Academy

Learn about CSRD, including technical aspects such as double materiality, stakeholder engagement and data collection. Step by step, with clear language and pragmatic examples – freely available to all Ecocharting users.

CSRD reporting is a technical process. Many elements pose a challenge: how to engage stakeholders effectively? How to score impacts, risks and opportunities? How to determine final materiality by setting threshold values? 

These aspects don’t get a clear answer in the reporting standards directly, and that’s why we collaborate with experts to define a European Benchmark approach. This is illustrated comprehensively in our Ecocharting CSRD Academy, such that you can learn and kickstart your CSRD reporting process.


Materiality assessment Ecocharting

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Learn about CSRD in the Ecocharting Academy

Materiality assessment Ecocharting

Don’t get stuck in the CSRD reporting process by trying to reinvent the wheel or defining your own implementation plan. Instead, use our validated approach developed with sustainability experts and accountants. 

We built courses on technical aspects of CSRD as well as a step-by-step guide of how our software works. In this way, you can quickly get started and also give other team members with less CSRD-knowledge the opportunity to get ready for collaboration. 


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CSRD & Ecocharting

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Ecocharting Academy

Learn about CSRD in our freely available e-learning

In our software, the Ecocharting Academy guides our users through the complex world of CSRD. It consists of multiple e-learning courses. 

CSRD Basics

Get a clear understanding of the background and technical basics of CSRD, including double materiality and stakeholder engagement. 

Ecocharting step-by-step

Learn how to work with our software to make sure your reporting preparation is as smooth as possible. 

Deep Dive Courses

Additional Deep Dive courses highlight several complex CSRD aspects such as scoring impacts, risks and opportunities for materiality. 

Roadmap CSRD

Our most up-to-date whitepaper. Discover a complete overview of the regulations and the steps to be taken: 

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