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Ecocharting Partners

The key to successful CSRD implementation​.

For a successful CSRD implementation, various expertise is indispensable. That’s why Ecocharting focuses on collaboration with specialists from different areas.

Ecocharting Partners

Disciplines that combine forces


The CSRD introduces some new concepts, but many have been known for years by sustainability experts.

With this experience on hand, we don’t have to reinvent the wheel!


The role of the accountant is indispensable in the CSRD.

Their regular evaluation of processes and results is the key to the success of a sound CSRD approach.

Digitisation & Data

Accounting for non-financial data – an impossible task with spreadsheets and separate data files.

That’s why a solid digital foundation is the solution.

Onze partners

Ecocharting Partner

BMD Advies

Heeft jouw organisatie begeleiding nodig bij het opstellen van de rapportage? Dan gaat een van de BMD  duurzaamheidsadviseurs met jou aan de slag. We kijken dan welke thema’s voor jouw organisatie relevant zijn, helpen bij de voorbereiding en de input en de uiteindelijke rapportage.

About Ecocharting

Ecocharting is the all-in-one online platform for creating a sustainability report that fully complies with the CSRD.

Benefit from specialised knowledge.

At various points in the CSRD process, you may encounter challenges. Sometimes, you may lack the expertise or the available capacity to address these challenges effectively. Our partners are familiar with our software and can assist you in the CSRD implementation.

CSRD Expertise

Our partners have already completed successful CSRD projects and can help you expedite the preparation process.

From double materiality to the report, with the right specialist, you can shape the CSRD foundation even more effectively.

Process Guidance

How do you get the organisation on board with the change brought about by CSRD? How do you engage with your value chain and stakeholders?

These are typical matters where an expert can provide support.

Objective Judgment

Ensure you’re not caught off guard when the audit is looming.

By timely assessing your processes and results with independent experts, you save time and money in the audit

About Ecocharting

Ecocharting believes in collaboration with sustainability experts and accountants.

The CSRD is a new topic for everyone involved. We observe that many organisations are reinventing the wheel when it comes to translating the guidelines into practical implementation.

Why not join forces?
Ecocharting brings expertise together to collectively set the European standard for digital preparation for the CSRD.

The European standard for CSRD preparation

Together, we translate the guidelines into a practical solution, so that companies no longer have to do this. This way, we help as many organisations as possible refocus on what matters – sustainability itself!

Start preparing for the CSRD today.

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