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Ecocharting CSRD Software

CSRD: een nachtmerrie aan regelgeving

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Ecocharting is the all-in-one online platform for preparing a sustainability report that is fully CSRD compliant.

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Product features

Embark on a pragmatic CSRD journey.

Ecocharting is specifically designed for CSRD, catering to all your needs.

Double Materiality

Determine & score impacts, risks and opportunities in line with CSRD. 

Stakeholder Engagement

Collaborate effectively with internal & external stakeholders. 

GAP analysis

Discover material datapoints and map which ones are available. 

Policy, Actions & Targets

Define your ambitions and establish CSRD-compliant policies in an instant.

Data collection

Aggregate information and monitor KPIs across all ESG topics.


Export data reporting in XBRL format ready for publication.

CSRD & Ecocharting

Join our next webinar to learn about  CSRD and how Ecocharting can help you in your journey towards sustainability.  

A practical approach to the CSRD.

With our user-friendly software, you create an overview during the preparation for CSRD. Go through all the steps towards the report with Ecocharting.

About Ecocharting

Ecocharting collaborates
with sustainability experts
and accountants.

The CSRD is a novel topic for all stakeholders, and it’s evident that numerous organizations are independently reinventing the wheel while trying to translate the guidelines into practical implementation.

Why not unite our efforts? Ecocharting brings together collective expertise to collaboratively establish the European standard for CSRD preparedness.

Our Partners

Determine material topics

Determine the relevant topics based on the principle of double materiality. Gain immediate insight with an interactive materiality matrix.

Collaborate & gather information.



Define policy on material topics.



Identify the actions to be taken.


Metrics & Targets

Set goals on measurable indicators.

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CSRD Software

Ecocharting is the all-in-one platform for preparing a sustainability report that is fully CSRD compliant.

Ignite & Identify

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Double materiality until GAP analysis.  Develop your CSRD foundation. 

Collect & Connect

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Aggregate data for material topics – in line with the CSRD report. 

Ready to Report

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Combination offer for both software modules.  

SME Essentials

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Ignite & Identify

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Collect & Connect

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Roadmap CSRD

Our most up-to-date whitepaper. Discover a complete overview of the regulations and the steps to be taken: 

Ecocharting: Intuïtieve software voor CSRD ondersteuning.

Ecocharting - CSRD Software

Ecocharting - Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about the reporting legislation and our supporting software.

What is CSRD?

The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) is legislation that requires large companies to disclose non-financial information. Depending on factors such as the size of the organisation, reporting will start from 2024.

What is the first step?

The first concrete step that organisations need to take to prepare is determining double materiality. Since the nearly 100 (sub)topics under Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) need to be assessed for materiality, it is useful to use Ecocharting. With it, you can easily test for double materiality. Additionally, you can follow up by determining policies, actions and targets and monitor KPI’s using our CSRD software.

What data needs to be in the report?

More than 1100 datapoints may be relevant for your CSRD sustainability report. However, not all topics and datapoints will be relevant in your situation. Perform the materiality assessment and GAP analysis using Ecocharting to kickstart your CSRD trajectory.

What is double materiality?

Double materiality is a concept that is central to the new reporting obligation. Organizations must determine the relevance of topics based on two perspectives: namely, inside-out and outside-in. Hence the name double materiality. Ecocharting has fully integrated this concept into its platform.

We're reporting in 2026. What to do now?

The general advice is not to wait since your data infrastructure should be ready in 2025. Therefore, finish the double materiality assessment in 2024. Then determine ambitions, goals and policies in line with CSRD. Find out whether your data infrastructure is ready by performing our GAP analysis.  

What is the role of stakeholders?

Stakeholders need to be engaged with in order to validate materiality and to get input regarding your goals and strategy. This can be a tedious process, especially because stakeholders dislike long and difficult questionnaires. Ecocharting makes it easy to streamline stakeholder engagement fully in line with CSRD. 

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