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The European standard for CSRD preparation.

Together with our partners, we determine a pragmatic approach so that companies no longer have to do this.

Our development

A roadmap to sustainable success

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Collaboration at the core

At the heart of Ecocharting is collaboration. Since January 2023, we have been organising monthly expert meetings to continuously refine our solutions, ensuring they align with the evolving CSRD guidelines.

Combine expertises

We bridge the gap between sustainability and accountancy. Our network comprises over 100 experts who have made significant contributions to the innovation of Ecocharting.

Ecocharting Partners
CSRD Experience Day 2023 - Ecocharting

Benchmark Approach: The European standard

While some partners work in similar domains, we prefer collaboration over competition, convinced of its importance in establishing a benchmark approach for CSRD in Europe.


Our focus on CSRD ensures that we can develop the most logical approach and digitally facilitate it for our users.

The European standard for CSRD preparation.

Together, we translate the guidelines into a practical solution, so companies don’t have to. This way, we help as many organizations as possible to refocus on what matters – sustainability itself!

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