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Ecocharting believes in collaboration with sustainability experts, accountants, and various specialists. Discover how to become a partner and explore the opportunities with Ecocharting here.

Ecocharting for Advisors

We understand that you have a lot on your plate when it comes to helping clients navigate the complex world of sustainability reporting. Especially with the CSRD, this can pose significant challenges. Assessing materiality can be a major puzzle when done with spreadsheets or lengthy questionnaires.

At the same time, as a specialist, you have a wealth of knowledge and experience to drive organizations forward and make sustainability tangible. Organizations can truly benefit from this.

That’s why Ecocharting believes in a win-win collaboration, where organizations are assisted by the substantive expertise of the advisor and digitally facilitated by our CSRD platform.

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About Ecocharting

Ecocharting is the all-in-one online platform for creating a sustainability report that fully complies with the CSRD.

Challenges in CSRD Practice

These are common challenges in CSRD practice and how Ecocharting can contribute for you as an advisor.

Ready-Made Report Formats

Instead of reinventing the wheel, our software already has the formats ready, for example, for double materiality.

Efficient Compliance Management

Save time on tedious compliance tasks, such as assessing impacts, risks, and opportunities – and invest energy in the opportunities around CSRD for your clients.


Ensure your work is audit-proof and create a win-win for your consulting and your clients

Complementary approach

Consultancy and digitalisation
go hand in hand.

Ecocharting is the all-in-one online platform for creating a sustainability report that fully complies with the CSRD. We focus on streamlining the comprehensive and tedious tasks through software, allowing companies and advisors to focus on the sustainable transition itself.

Collaborate with clients

Collaborate digitally with your clients effortlessly through a user-friendly portal. One of the options includes having your own ‘agency’ account.

Assess material topics

Scoring the scale, scope, and likelihood of material topics with your clients is easy within Ecocharting.


Interactive visualisations of, among other things, the materiality matrix, KPIs, and other sustainable business data in an understandable manner.

Data collection

Automate and digitise the collection and reporting of sustainability data.

CSRD compliance

The software is fully focused on the CSRD and is regularly updated to reflect changes in guidelines and the addition of new functionality.

Expert sessions

Although the ESRS guidelines consist of hundreds of pages, there is still much uncertainty.

For example, how do we determine the recoverability of impacts? Where do we set the threshold values for materiality? And how do we ensure that KPIs related to social issues are truly standardizable and reliable?

Because there is still so much uncertainty, we like to solve the CSRD puzzle together. That’s why we organize monthly CSRD Expert Sessions with sustainability experts, accountants, and other specialists.

By bringing these disciplines together, a dynamic and effective atmosphere is created, allowing us to collaboratively arrive at practical answers and pragmatic solutions.

Geplande expertsessies

Interesse in deelname aan onze volgende expertsessie? Mits we nog plekken beschikbaar hebben, nodigen we nieuwe experts uit. 

Vrijdag 26 Januari (15.00-17.00 uur)
Fysiek (Utrecht). Aanmelden kan via onderstaand formulier.

Vrijdag 2 Februari (15.00-17.00 uur)
Digitaal (MS Teams). Aanmelden kan via onderstaand formulier.


Meld je aan voor meer informatie over onze expertsessie / partnerships

Meld je via dit formulier aan voor interesse voor een eventuele samenwerking of voor onze expertsessies. Disclaimer: het kan zo zijn dat we al voldoende aanmeldingen hebben voor een bepaalde sessie. We nemen z.s.m. contact met je op.

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Veelgestelde vragen

Wat is de rol van een Partner?

Ecocharting gelooft in samenwerking met experts. In plaats van allemaal zelfstandig het wiel opnieuw uit te vinden, komen we samen en versterken we elkaar. Ecocharting focust zich op CSRD software en digitale ondersteuning, maar sommige bedrijven zullen behoefte hebben aan aanvullende begeleiding. Daarom geloven we in de kracht van samenwerking.

Hoe wordt ik partner?

Vul uw gegevens in via bovenstaand formulier en we nemen z.s.m. contact op voor meer informatie. 

Kan ik de software zien?

Ja, neem daarvoor deel aan een webinar dat we regelmatig organiseren of plan een 1-op-1 demo in via ons demo-aanvraag formulier.

Bieden jullie trainingen?

Ecocharting biedt een standaard training ‘CSRD voor adviseurs’ en daarnaast een training rondom de Ecocharting software. Benader onze contactpersoon voor de mogelijkheden.