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Ecocharting is the all-in-one online platform for creating a sustainability report that fully complies with the CSRD.

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Building a sustainable future

The new CSRD guidelines bring unique challenges. Start today on the path to compliance: use Ecocharting software for a kickstart in your preparation.

Discover relevant disclosures

We determine the relevant disclosure requirements for your organization based on characteristics such as company size and sector, as well as the outcomes of the dual materiality analysis. This results in a unique list of reporting requirements applicable to your situation

Connect datasources & gather information

Integrate existing data sources that already provide the foundation for KPIs to be reported. Gather additional information, such as policies, actions, and objectives, and analyze progress based on the CSRD.

Build the CSRD report

The non-financial information reporting comprises general topics and specific ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) subjects relevant to your situation. This report can be automatically compiled by translating reporting requirements and associated data and information into the CSRD format.

Product features

Embark on a pragmatic CSRD journey.

Ecocharting is specifically designed for CSRD, catering to all your needs.

Product Ecocharting CSRD software Materialiteitsmatrix

Double Materiality

Determine & score impacts, risks and opportunities in line with CSRD. 

Stakeholdervalidatie Ecocharting CSRD Software

Stakeholder Engagement

Collaborate effectively with internal & external stakeholders. 

GAP analyse CSRD Ecocharting Software

GAP analysis

Discover material datapoints and map which ones are available. 

PAMT doelstellingen CSRD Ecocharting software

Policy, Actions & Targets

Define your ambitions and establish CSRD-compliant policies in an instant.

ESG Data collection Ecocharting CSRD software

Data collection

Aggregate information and monitor KPIs across all ESG topics.

CSRD Rapportage voorbereiden met Ecocharting CSRD software


Export data reporting in XBRL format ready for publication.

Start CSRD preparations today using Ecocharting.

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Samen met onze expertpartners vertalen we de richtlijnen naar een praktische oplossing, zodat bedrijven dit niet meer hoeven te doen. Zo helpen we zoveel mogelijk organisaties weer te focussen waar het om draait – het verduurzamen zelf!