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CSRD reporting using Ecocharting - an overview

Preparing for CSRD reporting involves several steps, all of which are facilitated through Ecocharting. Once all data, including metrics and narratives, have been collected via the platform, users can effortlessly generate and export a CSRD-compliant and digitally tagged sustainability report.

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CSRD reporting

Reporting in and of itself shouldn’t be the main goal of your sustainability management program. However, it’s an essential aspect of CSRD compliance. That’s why it’s noteworthy that Ecocharting software offers a crucial feature: the ability to generate and export a CSRD-compliant and digitally tagged sustainability report.

CSRD reporting involves detailing the relevant (i.e., material) ESG topics in a structured manner. Beginning with a broad overview of your organization, its management, and the reporting preparation processes, it subsequently delves into each of the themes identified through your double materiality assessment. For each topic, the document covers key aspects including policies, actions, metrics, and targets.

Ecocharting streamlines the process by consolidating all data collected through our platform into a coherent, digitally tagged document suitable for CSRD reporting purposes. This facilitates the creation of a readable and compliant report ready for publication.

Materiality assessment Ecocharting

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In practice

How to prepare for CSRD Reporting

Materiality assessment Ecocharting

A common error in commencing the CSRD reporting process is to immediately identify which of the 1100+ data points are available and devise a plan to acquire each one individually. Instead, a more beneficial initial step is to conduct a comprehensive double materiality assessment.

Once all impacts, risks, and opportunities have been meticulously identified through the double materiality assessment, this greatly accelerates the CSRD reporting process, as many of the data points can be automatically generated.


ESG topics


Possible datapoints


Types of impacts & scores

CSRD & Ecocharting

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Ecocharting Software

Outline of the CSRD reporting structure

Given Ecocharting’s complete focus on CSRD, every step taken and all information collected are done with the final report in mind.

General information

Description of the organisation, its strategy & business model and how stakeholders have been engaged with to identify material topics. 

Policies, actions and targets

Description of the main elements of relevant policies, actions and targets on each of the material ESG topics. 


Quantitative data concerning ESG topics serve to monitor progress and ensure transparency, comparability, and the credibility of your sustainability endeavors.

Roadmap CSRD

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