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Streamline CSRD using Ecocharting

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and questionnaires.  Make use of software, save time & be assured of a traceable audit-trail.  

Ignite & Identify

From double materiality up till GAP analysis. Everything needed for a solid CSRD foundation.

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Collect & Connect

Gather data about material topics. Set policy, actions, metrics and targets, in line with your CSRD report.  

ESG Data collection Ecocharting CSRD software

Harness the power of Ecocharting software

Make use of our user friendly and intuitive platform.



Determine material topics based on impact materiality and financial materiality.  



Determine the priorities based on impacts, risks and opportunities. Build an interactive materiality matrix. 



Take into account the vision of stakeholders and colleagues, with unlimited user accounts.



Gather data based on ESRS reporting-standards, set policies, actions and targets. 



Keep track of improvement based on your goals and actions for the relevant ESG topics. 



Generate a CSRD proof report based on relevant reporting standards and your data collection.  

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CSRD & Challenges in practice

These are some commonly heard of challenges and how Ecocharting can help for your business. 

Developing the format

The hundreds of pages of guidelines do not provide a concrete guide to getting started with the CSRD. Instead of devising your own format, you can use the structure that Ecocharting provides.

Long assessments

Save time on tedious compliance tasks, such as assessing impacts, risks, and opportunities. Share the burden, utilize a validated method, and create space for the actual work of sustainability.

Project management

The documentation and transfer of knowledge are at risk when relying on loose files and ad-hoc solutions. This poses a risk to your organization and will be perceived as such by the accountant.


CSRD Software

Ecocharting is the all-in-one platform for preparing a sustainability report that is fully CSRD compliant.

Ignite & Identify

On request

Double materiality until GAP analysis.  Develop your CSRD foundation. 

Collect & Connect

On request

Aggregate data for material topics – in line with the CSRD report. 

Ready to Report

On request

Combination offer for both software modules.  

Compare modules

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Ignite & Identify

Collect & Connect

Ready to Report


Dashboard, company profile, project management, Legal Compass, language settings, user management.

Ecocharting Academy

Learn all about CSRD in our Ecocharting Academy.

Audit trail

Keep track of the audit trail and make sure you will get a traceable end-result.

Unlimited users & divisions

No restrictions in number of entities or users for collaboration. 

Double materiality

Determine impacts, risks and opportunities, score these and determine materiality. 

Stakeholder engagement

Engage with stakeholders, both on- and offline. 

GAP analysis

Take on the GAP analysis such that you identify which data is available and who is responsible. 

Report (ESRS 2)

Get all data regarding your CSRD foundations (e.g. materiality) in a reporting format.  

Policies, actions & targets

Develop CSRD-proof policy, determine actions and make ambitions for ESG topics.  

Collect & Monitor ESG Data

Keep track of KPI’s for all themes, including Scope 1,2 and 3 emissions. 

Report ( E1 t/m G1)

Aggregate everything into a single complete CSRD proof report.  

CSRD & Ecocharting

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