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Data collection for CSRD - an overview

Data collection for CSRD reporting can present significant challenges. Frequently, pertinent data is either inaccessible, dispersed across numerous sources, or compromised in terms of quality. With the implementation of Ecocharting, the process of collecting CSRD data can be streamlined and efficiently managed.

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Data collection for CSRD reporting

To make sure CSRD achieves its main goal of making sustainability transparent and comparable, companies should report quantitatively on their progress by keeping track of measurable KPI’s. Where to start?

For certain CSRD topics such as Own Workforce, companies often maintain records of key performance indicators (KPIs) within their respective systems. In such instances, Ecocharting can assist in extracting pertinent data and integrating it with narrative datapoints essential for CSRD, such as policies, actions, and targets related to each topic.

However, for many topics, KPIs may not currently be monitored. In such cases, it is feasible to associate a predefined CSRD metric with the topic and monitor it through Ecocharting. Additionally, companies have the flexibility to establish their own KPIs tailored to their specific requirements or circumstances if the predefined CSRD metrics are inadequate.

Ultimately, the objective is to ensure that each of the 80+ ESG topics relevant to your firm is being diligently monitored. Ecocharting serves as a facilitator in achieving this goal, ensuring trustworthy monitoring practices.

Materiality assessment Ecocharting

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How to streamline data collection

Materiality assessment Ecocharting

Before starting data collection, a comprehensive double materiality assessment is required to identify material topics. Once the relevant datapoints have been identified, a GAP analysis can help to show which information is already available in your organisation and where it is stored. 

Consequently, further aggregation can be seamlessly executed by linking various data sources through Ecocharting. In addition to numerous metrics, data collection also encompasses the identification of textual information, commonly referred to as narratives, a task made intuitive through Ecocharting’s capabilities.


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CSRD & Ecocharting

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CSRD demands a description of data collection processes and quality monitoring of information. Ecocharting specifically tracks these ‘metadata’ for reporting & auditing purposes. 

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