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Audit trail for CSRD - an overview

Learn how to keep track of the audit trail such that your assurance provider can assess the CSRD preparation process. Document all changes to ensure you can show you followed the CSRD methodology to your accountant.

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Audit Trail for CSRD - an overview

The digital audit trail within Ecocharting helps your assurance provider to verify your CSRD preparation process. As part of limited assurance, your accountant will verify the methodology and results of your preparation process. This includes the materiality assessment, its results and how you document policies, actions, metrics and targets on all ESG topics. 

A common pitfall of CSRD reporting is beginning work across multiple spreadsheets and separate documents. This approach poses the risk of losing visibility into the contributors involved in your sustainability reporting preparation, including the steps taken in the materiality assessment.

Consequently, this complicates the verification process for your assurance provider and may lead to increased auditing costs. Instead, ensure thorough tracking of all changes using Ecocharting’s fully digital audit trail.

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One of the main advantages of using our digital CSRD solution, is that all changes in your preparation process are logged. This not only is useful for yourself, as you can easily transfer knowledge to new team members – but also for your accountant. 

For example, Ecocharting enables to show the audit trail within the materiality assessment by keeping track of all changes made by your users. The results can be shown in an interactive way which helps your assurance provider during the verification process. 


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Track the audit trail of your CSRD preparation process

By maintaining a comprehensive audit trail within Ecocharting, you can enhance transparency and accountability throughout the CSRD reporting process.


Ecocharting’s audit trail feature provides a comprehensive record of all actions and changes made throughout the CSRD preparation process, ensuring complete traceability.


By documenting every step taken in the CSRD reporting journey, Ecocharting’s audit trail promotes accountability among team members and stakeholders.


The audit trail in Ecocharting facilitates easy verification by assurance providers, enabling smooth and efficient auditing processes.

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