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Double materiality - a comprehensive overview

Determining double materiality involves a series of technical steps that are challenging to execute with a spreadsheet. Read our comprehensive overview of the process and how our software helps to facilitate this in a pragmatic manner. 

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Double materiality

The core concept of CSRD: double materiality. By objectively assessing the magnitude of impacts, risks, and opportunities, you determine the double materiality of sustainability themes. This determines which topics and data points will be included in your CSRD report.

Determining the materiality of sustainability themes is not new, but for the CSRD, it goes a step further than before. While in the past, the focus was simply on assessing how important the organization and its stakeholders considered certain themes (a subjective evaluation), the CSRD leaves no room for such subjective assessments.

Now, it’s about objectively assessing impacts, risks, and opportunities. Yes, we can still incorporate input from stakeholders for this purpose, but ultimately, it’s not about their opinions.

Materiality assessment Ecocharting

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In practice

How to assess double materiality

Materiality assessment Ecocharting

The process of determining double materiality begins with an internal assessment of impacts, risks, and opportunities. To secure approval from your accountant, it’s crucial that you don’t overlook any aspects. For validation, you can engage with stakeholders, for instance, by discussing your shortlist with them.

Once your list of impacts, risks, and opportunities is complete, you assign scores to determine their relative significance. Using a formula and your predefined thresholds, the materiality of the themes is determined. This process dictates which data points you will report on.


ESG topics


Possible datapoints


Types of impacts & scores

CSRD & Ecocharting

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In our software, all CSRD topics are ready to be assessed for double materiality. Follow our step-by-step process, and the relevant data points will automatically come into focus.

Assess impacts

Identify and assess impacts, risks, and opportunities, and evaluate their magnitude in a CSRD-compliant manner.

Engage with stakeholders

Verify the completeness of your analysis with stakeholders, both by digitizing conversations and conducting online validation.

Audit Trail

During your determination of double materiality, every change is logged for the audit trail, allowing the accountant to verify how your results were achieved.

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