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Setting the CSRD standard together: this is how.

The new sustainability legislation CSRD is not only new for companies that have to comply with it. Advisors and accountants will also have to adjust their organization to guide companies towards the first CSRD reports. How exactly this can best be done is still unclear. Ecocharting organizes monthly CSRD expert sessions to gather knowledge and learn from each other.

During the CSRD expert sessions, we discuss technical elements from the CSRD, such as double materiality and stakeholder management. We approach this pragmatically by focusing on the steps that organizations must take to achieve this and how this can be supported digitally as best as possible.

In recent months we have noticed that the interaction between Accountants and Sustainability experts during the sessions is very valuable. Everyone has their own background and perspective on the matter. Bringing this together creates valuable insights for all participants. From our background, we think along with Ecocharting about how the steps towards CSRD reporting can best be supported digitally.

We have been able to gather a lot of insights in recent times. Because: how do we keep the CSRD preparation practical? What steps should an organization start with to prepare? What is the role of the accountant and what are the reporting requirements? These kinds of questions and many more have since been addressed.

Due to the success of these meetings, we will certainly continue with this in the near future. So are you a sustainability advisor or accountant and would you like to join these CSRD Expert Sessions? Contact us and we’d love to get to know you!