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CSRD Policies, actions & targets - an overview

Commonly overlooked is the importance of CSRD policies, actions and targets. Over 80% of datapoints related to CSRD reporting are ‘narratives’, which means they consider texts instead of KPI’s. Learn how you can get ready for this aspect of CSRD.

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CSRD Policies, actions and targets

For each material topic, CSRD demands the organisation to report its policies, actions and targets for the coming years. These descriptions are crucial since they enable readers to discover what plans the organisation has towards a sustainable future. By yearly reporting on metrics as well, firms will show their consequent progress and can be held accountable. 

Where to start with developing these plans and documents? It seems like there couldn’t be a bigger hurdle to take, but in practice, this can be easier than you might expect. In case the double materiality assessment has been performed well and in great level of detail, describing your policy can be a matter combining all  the outcomes together.   

Guess what? Ecocharting software makes sure that the outcomes of your double materiality assessment can be automatically turned into entity-specific CSRD policies, actions and targets. In this way, you can save an incredible amount of time! 

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How to develop CSRD policies

Materiality assessment Ecocharting

The ESRS guidelines are quite clear of what should be described in your CSRD policies. To turn this into practice, however, can be a big challenge still. That’s why we have developed a pragmatic approach in collaboration with experts & accountants.

Based on the findings in your double materiality assessments, your CSRD policies, actions and targets can be automatically determined. This means that you will be able to save significant time in preparing for CSRD. 


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CSRD & Ecocharting

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Get started and develop CSRD policies digitally

In our software, your CSRD policies can be generated quickly and digitally.  Follow our step-by-step process, and the identified material impacts, risks and opportunities will automatically turn into your CSRD action plans.

Identify material topics

Use Ecocharting to perform the double materiality assessment which helps to identify the material topics for CSRD – crucial to get started on policy writing. 

Set goals & ambitions

Set goals and ambitions for each material Impact, risk and opportunity that has been identified. 

CSRD policies

Aggregate your findings into your policies which describe how you are going to tackle negative impacts and work towards a sustainable future.

Roadmap CSRD

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