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Kick-off session:
Put CSRD into practice

A practical introduction to CSRD for your project team. In this session, it will become clear why the reporting obligation goes further and thus requires a lot from the company. You will create an implementation plan towards the first reporting.

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Quick start with CSRD preparations

The CSRD entails a reporting obligation, but for successful implementation, it goes beyond a sustainability report alone.

How do you ensure the involvement of the right stakeholders? How do you build a sustainable and digital infrastructure to monitor the relevant data? Who takes on which responsibilities, and when do you take each step?

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target group

This masterclass is meant as a kick-off for the management team. 

learning goals

CSRD essentials, ESRS standards, Roadmap CSRD


one half-day


Kick-off, projectteam assembly, gap analysis CSRD


SME+, Undertakings (large)


Not applicable

Our training sessions are designed to be practical and understandable. During this kick-off, we will introduce the basics of CSRD to the broader management team. It is important that everyone is on board and aware of the new requirements. CSRD is not solely the responsibility of controllers, sustainability managers, or CFOs. Collaboration is crucial, both within and outside the organization.

What is CSRD, and what requirements apply to your organization? Where do you currently stand, and what path do you still need to take? In the kick-off, we will discuss the guidelines in an understandable manner. We will introduce the roadmap to the first CSRD report and engage in interactive discussions about which steps are meaningful for your organization.

Special attention will be given to the sustainable implementation of this reporting obligation. This includes establishing a digital infrastructure and ensuring reliable data.

Everything that is important about the guidelines, reporting obligation, and the process towards the first report

The CSRD consists of hundreds of pages of guidelines and numerous technical concepts, such as double materiality. Not everyone in the project team needs to know every detail of the guidelines. Therefore, we make the basics understandable without getting lost in unnecessary jargon.

To keep the workshop practical, we assess where you currently stand and determine the most effective way for your organization to proceed.

By participating in the training, your organization takes a step forward towards the first reporting. Legislation can come into effect sooner than you might expect, so it is beneficial not to wait too long to take the first step.

Perfect as kick-off with the team

This training is perfect for aligning everyone’s goals and objectives. It provides an accessible yet substantive way to get started. With tangible results: you will know what to expect and how the organization will work towards the first reporting.


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