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Current open roles

Full stack Developer / Software engineer

Do you have experience with Angular/ PostgreSQL and wish to make a contribution to sustainability in Europe? Apply today.

Partner manager

Manage our relationships with experts and accountants, and be the point of contact for our international team. 

Front-end Developer

Make an impact with your skills in Angular / Typescript and design a system used by large and small enterprises in Europe. 

(Junior) Accountmanager

Introduce our leads with our software and identify how we can help them best. Do you have experience with CRM and sales, leave us a message!

Community manager (international) 

Build our international community in a young and dynamic team. Get in contact with many businesses and experts throughout Europe. 

Legal / Compliance officer

Help us maintain our compliance such as information security efforts.  Experience in this area is required. 

Marketing Manager

Optimize our current marketing efforts and start up new projects. Also, you will be in charge of events such as the CSRD Experience Day. 

Open role

Any specific ideas or interests, we are open for your thoughts! 

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